Fireman let down

Not everything is more glamorous in France. My wife likes to tell the story that during her first year in France, in her early 20s, a fireman came to her door to sell the new calendar. Ouh la la! It is a French tradition, although a dying one, for firefighters to go door to door to sell their calendar to raise some funds. Being from Canada, let’s say she had certain expectations regarding the printing material she was about to acquire.

After paying the nice community worker, she proceeded to peruse the calendar with fairly high expectations.

Even though her copy is now long gone, it looked something like this.  Needless to say, it was another cultural learning experience for her. I must say that I too was surprised by the local calendar when we moved to Canada :). Interestingly, while searching for current calendar images of French fireman calendars, I noticed that the North American trend is starting to show signs of life over there as well.