5 French slang words to designate a shoe.


Today I thought I’d share various words used instead of the word “shoe”.  While the English and French languages both have lots of ways to identify different types of shoes, I would venture a guess that in French, we have more ways to name the general type of footwear. The correct words being “une chaussure” or “un soulier”, the following are also used very frequently:

1. une gaudassechaussures

2. une pompe

3. une godillot

4. une grolle

5. une claque (not used as commonly as the other words)


While these are not slang words, it’s good to know that sneakers are often referred to as des tennis or des espadrilles in Quebec. Espadrilles in France are casual shoes with fabric tops and rope and rubber soles like in the picture on the right.




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